File Recovery from Mac Trash

Mac system contains a special storage space or container called as Trash where all the deleted media files and other data files will get stored. Like Recycle Bin in Windows systems, Trash doesn’t have a fixed size i.e. the size of Trash can be extended to available space on Mac hard drive. So it can even store deleted files and folders of any size. It also keeps record of original file location, file size, date of deletion etc. You can view, delete and even restore files back to their original location from Trash.

In few circumstances, user may accidentally or unintentionally delete some important files on their Mac system using “delete” option, and in such cases this special storage container is very useful as user can easily get back files from Mac Trash. But what if files stored in Mac Trash gets deleted or lost? How can you restore file from Mac Trash? Usually, user thinks that files deleted or lost from Trash can’t be retrieved, but it is not true. Because, files still resides in some part of Mac drive/volume but you won’t be able to access them as the entries of that particular file will be deleted from file allocation table.

So by making use of an efficient and most reliable recovery application like Professional File Recovery Software you can easily perform file recovery from Mac Trash. It is a perfect tool that guides you how to recover file from Mac Trash in few simple steps. No matter whether you are using Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, this application can easily retrieve files from Mac Trash. Other than file recovery from Mac Trash, this excellent tool can also recover files from external hard drive, flash drive, FireWire drive, iPods etc.

Causes for loss or deletion of files from Mac Trash

  • You may intentionally delete some files from Mac Trash thinking that they are not useful and then later on realize that you made a mistake and wills to restore back those deleted files from Mac Trash.
  • In order to increase the storage space on your Mac system, you may choose “Empty Trash” option which leads to deletion of all the files stored on Trash.
  • Due to external threats like virus, malwares, Trojans you may lose files from Mac Trash.

There might be more reasons due to which you might have lost files from Mac Trash. But you no need to worry about any of the scenario because; professional file recovery software has been designed with some advanced and special features that help you in file recovery from Mac Trash.

Advanced features of professional file recovery software

Professional File Recovery is highly competitive tool in the market in order to restore file from Mac Trash. It supports various versions of Mac operating system like Mac OS X, Mountains Lion, Mavericks, etc. Using this application you can even restore files deleted using “Command + Delete” key combination on your Mac computer. If you are a windows user and deleted files using “Shift + delete” option, then don’t panic, this tool will also help you to recover shift deleted files on your Windows system. This effective application is capable to restore any type of file including music files, video clips, photo files etc. It has an ability to retain original file name and properties even after recovery. It supports recovery of files from NTFS, FTA, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX drives/volumes. Even novice user can come to know how to recover file from Mac Trash with the help its user friendly interface. It has power algorithms that help you in file recovery from Mac Trash. Other than Mac OS, it also support recovery of files from Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 etc. It facilitates you to Preview the recovered files before restoration.

Steps to know how to recover files from Mac Trash:

Step 1 – Make a installation of this software on your computer and lauch it and select "Recover Photos" option from first screen.

File Recovery from Mac Trash - Main Screen

Fig A: Home Page

Step 2 - Next, select either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option from the second screen. It navigates to the new screen where you have to select your Mac hard drive in order to recover files from Mac Trash.

File Recovery from Mac Trash - Select Appropriate partition

Fig B: Select Mac HD

Step 3 – From the list of files restored files, select your file Preview it then save it back clicking on "Save" option.

File Recovery from Mac Trash - Save File Screen

Fig C: Preview File Screen

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